The Complete Package Team Edition

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Get a team license so you can share The Complete Package premium resources with all the members of your team.

Get your co-workers up to speed on copyright.

Share with up to 50 members of your team.

Handbook + Case Study Guide + License Agreement Template


Get answers to your copyright questions and stop holding yourself back from realizing your true potential.

This handbook delivered as a beautifully-designed PDF and in ePub and Mobi format, is perfect for reading on your tablet or desktop and is the core of what you need to create with confidence, sell your t-shirts and avoid getting sued.

You’ll refer back to this guide for years to come.

Case Study Guide

Sharpen your ground game and learn from the mistakes and successes of other graphic designers and t-shirt businesses so you don’t sabotage your t-shirt business before it even takes off.

This case study guide details real-world examples from those who have navigated copyright and copyright infringement claims successfully and unsuccessfully.

Get valuable lessons and takeaways so you don’t miss out on how to apply important copyright and trademark fundamentals to your t-shirt business.

If you can’t afford to hire an attorney to defend yourself in court, you can’t afford not to read this guide to keep yourself from landing in court in the first place.

Licensing Agreement Template

Profit from licensing your own artwork or from licensing someone else’s artwork for use in building your t-shirt line.

This clear, easy-to-understand, licensing agreement template will help you get legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted work or give someone else permission to use your copyrighted work.

If you’re trying to get licensing permission to use the Batman logo from DC Comics, this agreement isn’t right for you.

But for the majority of graphic designers and t-shirt businesses for whom this simple, easy-to-use, licensing agreement was specially designed, this contract template is exactly what you need to get your licensing done safely and efficiently.

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The Complete Package Team Edition

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